The town of Pons has about 5000 inhabitants and is situated in the Charente-Maritime, France. You will find several bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants. In the center stands the Donjon, a 30 meter high tower from the 12th century, which you are able to climb for a spectacular view.

Pons is also a staging post on the route to Santiago de Compostella. The Hospice des Pélerins is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nearby Pons you can taste local wines, Pineau (the local aperitif) and cognac. Our guests enjoy the peaceful surrounding and go out on daytrips in the direct surroundings. You can canoe, visit castles, make day trips to the shore, ride a horse or go to a golf club. The climate in Pons is very soft. Even in the spring and autumn is the temperature mild and sunny.

Cities nearby where you can go shopping and have a drink are: Saintes, Bordeaux, the coastal city Royan with a Zoo and La Rochelle with a big sea aquarium. In Cognac you’ll find distillers like Henessy and Rémy Martin. They offer guided tours in their factory.